Online Store

This is my humble store.

As most of the work I do is custom made to order, I don't have a ton of offerings, but feel free to contact me about any of the items you see here or anything you'd like to see.

I can meet/deliver orders in the Colorado Springs area, so if you're a local, you can ignore shipping charges! Hooray!

To order: Please e-mail me (see "contact us" link above) with item and quantity needed. I'll get back to you promptly! Thanks!

Scented sachets! Lightly stuffed with batting and scented with essential oils, these sachets are great to drop   anywhere you could use a nice scent! Please specify color family choice for    fabric (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, or white), and    whether you want loops added for hanging (loops not shown in picture, but    if you want ones to hang up, I will add a loop of ribbon to the tops of the sachets   for you! Just let me know!). Also, please specify oil scent: choices are      lavender, sweet orange, and juniper (an invigorating scent...great for    guys!).

Price $2.00 for four sachets     (+ $2.50 shipping)

Fully lined zippered pouches; small measures approx. 6"x41/2", and then the medium and large are each about an in larger, respectively. Cotton fabric on outside; dark blue, stain-resistant canvas on inside. Choose color: green, black with flowers, or stripes.

Price $8.00 (per set of three)

$2.00 each (small only)

      (+ $4.50 shipping)